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Unleash the Power of your Data with SDxA

Access to real-time health data

Enable real-time health data access to patients and physicians

Tools to analyze health

Easy-to-use tools to analyze health condition

Remote monitoring

Real-time remote monitoring of patient’s health

Easy interactions

Efficient and easy patient-doctor interactions

Timely alerts

Alerts and notifications in case of abnormality

Better treatment

Increased patient satisfaction & improved treatment results

Unleash the Power of your Data with SDxA

Connecting Data, Decisions and Doctors for better Healthcare...

How It Works?


Challenge: Managing personal health needs ready access to health data with easy-to-understand insights.

Solution: With ServiceDx IoT, your health is at your fingertips.

  • Connect your wearable fitness device to your iPad or Tablet, and check the real-time vitals directly.

  • Transfer your data to the ServiceDx IoT cloud, and analyze data trends.

  • Get valuable information about your health, and live a healthier life.


Challenge: Delivering top-class care is a challenge. With massive load on the healthcare system currently, this challenge has intensified further.

Solution: ServiceDx IoT is your solution to delivering superlative care

  • Off-load mundane healthcare tasks

  • Enable online patient-doctor interactions

  • Monitor your patient’s health remotely

  • Improve diagnosis and save time by bringing real-time health data at the fingertips of patients and doctors

  • Apply analytics on patient’s health data with handy tools to

  • Sends alerts and notifications to doctors for timely action 

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