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Unleash the Power of your Data with SDxA
Unleash the Power of your Data with SDxA

Sharper insights. Smarter decisions. Superior outcomes.

Unleash the Power of your Data with SDxA

Make ServiceDx MLTK a priority and beat the challenges...


Healthcare Industry Challenges

Capturing, accessing and extracting meaning out of massive amount of healthcare data is a complex task. In the absence of an easy-to-use platform, the healthcare professionals are unable to get the maximum benefit in terms of analyzing the patient’s health trends and recommending right treatments.

Solution with ServiceDx MLTK: Health care providers can

  • Capture, consolidate and analyze patient data.

  • Apply machine learning for better-quality patient care and health management.

  • Ease of access and analysis of patient data trends helps the healthcare professionals to provide quick and precise treatment recommendations.  Moreover, it helps to keep the treatment cost down!

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Monitoring asset health, maximizing the asset productivity, reducing equipment downtime, and predicting equipment failure are some of the key challenges of manufacturing industry.

Solution with ServiceDx MLTK: Manufacturing units can

  • Integrate the ServiceDx MLTK platform with a front-end application to monitor asset health and get the most out of their assets.

  • With easy access to shop floor data, ServiceDx MLTK enables trend analysis resulting in reduced downtime.

  • Avoid machine failure and increased productive life of assets.

  • Leverage machine learning techniques to predict equipment failure and accordingly plan repairs in advance.                           The result - increased flow of profits through the lines!

Manufacturing Industry Challenges

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