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GNAT Harnesses the Power of Memberly to Boost its Memberships

Sitting at a hospital reception, waiting for my turn to see the doctor, I was getting frustrated.

My frustration was growing every minute, as the clock ticked past my scheduled time.

I had no option but to wait and observe people.

One thing that caught my attention the most was – the nurses, moving swiftly through the corridors, answering patient’s queries, taking note of the equipment readings, coordinating with doctors and other staff, and so on.

Their work seemed unending… Yet they were doing it with a smile on their face!

Nursing seemed like such a noble profession. But is this profession rewarded well enough?

After all the stress and work overload, are the nurses given their due share?

To support the nurses, and bring a positive change in the nursing profession, the Graduate Nurses Association of Tamil Nadu or GNAT was formed.

GNAT Vision

GNAT had a great vision to elevate the nursing community and give them their due share. They wanted to stand for nurses’ welfare and rights as a family.

Besides, they aimed to provide the nurses a network, where:

-They could share their thoughts and ideas

-Hold conferences, organize events like blood donation, health camps, etc.

-Provide job opportunities to nurses

-Connect with other nurses

-Update nurses about all upcoming events and campaigns

And provide loads of other benefits to the member nurses.

With this grand vision, they welcomed all the registered nurses to take the membership of GNAT and avail all the services and benefits. The vision quickly turned into reality with many nurses joining GNAT as members.

The Challenge

Over the years, as GNAT memberships grew, they started facing problems.

The manual membership process and renewals became cumbersome

Traditional off-line payments grew obsolete

Managing event registrations, payments, and messaging seemed challenging

Engaging the member nurses and keeping them well connected with other members looked like a daunting task

Communication with member nurses became less frequent and ineffective

The Solution

GNAT management was searching for a solution that could help them overcome the above challenges. They knew that the ideal solution for GNAT would be the one that could help them scale their operations smoothly, and support to realize their vision.

Sivisoft’s ‘Memberly’, A Membership Management Mobile App, seemed like the perfect solution to manage GNAT memberships efficiently. It provided the nursing community an easy digital platform to engage and connect.

The Benefits

The rich features of ‘Memberly’ provided immense benefits to GNAT. Such as

It automated the entire GNAT process of memberships, renewals, and payments.

Organizing and managing Events got easier and quick with online registration and messaging.

Provision of Online Payments option for member’s ease.

The option provided to promote GNAT products and services through Campaigns

Sharing experiences and ideas within a member group became possible with the Committee feature

Collecting feedbacks became easy with Surveys

GNAT could help its members be up to date with the Smart Notes feature

GNAT could run self and third-party Advertisements through in-app advertising

That’s not all...

With some unique additional features, ‘Memberly’ also helped GNAT to provide its members an E-shop for online shopping, a B2B platform to connect suppliers/ buyers, and a special feature to manage its donations.

The cherry on the cake was - Social Media integration feature. Now GNAT members could see all the GNAT social pages from the ‘Memberly’ App itself!

With its extensive features and easy-to-use design, ‘Memberly’ helped GNAT achieve seen extraordinary growth in its memberships, renewals, and engagement. Moreover, the GNAT members now enjoy a top-class experience through ‘Memberly’!

Just like GNAT, you can also use ‘Memberly’ for your organization. So, get 'Memberly' and see significant growth in member attention, engagement, retention, and revenue!

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