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Technology & Business Gaps in COVID-19 Response Efforts led by, NMTC, UnityBPO & SiviSoft

As state government, local governments, and community organizations continue to address and scale up their COVID-19 efforts, technology gaps have already (and will continue) to present themselves as obstacles.

These types of obstacles can range from upgrading or revising digital systems needed to respond to new federal (or state) programs, as well as unprecedented volumes of individuals accessing those systems to IT support for stand-up public health facilities or other efforts to respond to COVID-19, to support the expansion of digital learning by providing IT support or trainings to enabling small business around the state of New Mexico to leverage others to complete a digital transformation.

The business community can and should respond to each other’s needs to assist in the transformation of New Mexico into a digitally connected marketplace to the world, and, to each other. This will enable not only the maintenance of physical distancing, but also the connection of the world to the marketplace of New Mexico that consists of vital microbusinesses.

A partnership forged through the NMTech Council between bigbyte, UnityBPO and SiviSoft developed tools to enable business connections. The realizations and culmination of efforts lead to with the matching tool links embedded in informational resources for all forms of New Mexican Businesses.

Through directly working with UnityBPO partner, SiviSoft, the team was able to assist the effort with a similar self-service tool which involved the ServiceDx platform which is a new age automation software platform designed to revolutionize the needs of a client. SiviSoft’s ServiceDx prides itself for its remarkable features that enable organizations to digitalize their customer support services and ensure to deliver the best experiences. It is built to empower business.

“I am proud to be associated with such a hard working collaborative effort to change our business landscape. Bigbyte is perennially focused on keeping businesses in business and this is another element of growing that continuity, sustainability, of operations.”

- Nerissa Whittington CEO and Founder,

The effort to digitally transform the supply chain began, and then paused to focus on PPE needs for critical communities, and, once supplies returned, was once again refocused on the business community at large.

SiviSoft team is extremely proud to collaborate with NM Tech Council, UnityBPO, AFRL and BigByte in developing Collaborative Software Portal for Healthcare Providers and Businesses of New Mexico during the Pandemic. –Balaji Modhagala, Director, SiviSoft

“We’re thrilled to offer this tool to New Mexican businesses, providing them with crucial solutions needed to move forward. This is an opportunity to foster local collaboration and partnership as we all adapt to a changed business landscape,” said Deborah Breitfeld, Executive Director of the New Mexico Technology Council.

Remember These Points When considering the “need” for a collaborative statewide tool:

• NM Rural State

• Microbusiness & Tourism Businesses Need Help

o IE: How do you transition to online store

o POS systems

o Communicate & detail offerings if not in person/browsing or eating on site?

About Corp

Our mission is to design Innovative Continuity Strategies for our clients, implementing through execution. By crafting "Build-to-Suit" business solutions allow our clients to build strategies that support the success of their business, continuously, on their budget. As New Mexico’s first and only 100% women owned, full service, compliance driven continuity campus, we utilize our carrier grade infrastructure to minimize downtime for you, your staff, and your operations.

About the New Mexico Technology Council (NMTC)

The NMTC is a statewide membership-driven organization that highlights and promotes technology across industry sectors through professional development, peer-to-peer networking and legislative advocacy.

About UnityBPO

“We TRANSFORM healthcare delivery by creating a better LIFE, every day”

UnityBPO is a premier Health IT company providing business process and technology services in two healthcare markets: acute and post-acute. We are the “lifeline” for clinicians and patients across the country. UnityBPO creates value for healthcare entities by reducing costs while dramatically improving provider and patient satisfaction and experience with technology. Our clinical/technical services are unparalleled in the industry providing healthcare with a remote support model that drives efficiency as well as reduces turnover. Services also include a turnkey model that can optimally manage the total technology enterprise. For more information on UnityBPO, visit

About SiviSoft

Since it's inception, SiviSoft has been collaborating with leading corporate giants as well as budding start-ups, to design and develop innovative digital solutions that transformed ideas into scalable solutions. With our deep expertise in Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Mobility, Machine Learning, we have helped our clients build next-generation intelligent solutions that enhances our client's operational efficiency, increases their ROI and provides visibility to the client's management. SiviSoft has been a pioneer in creating digitalized solutions, that enabled businesses to grow and achieve their objectives.

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