SiviSoft is a service automation solutions company,  delivering  cutting-edge solutions to digitalize  your  business. As an IoT based solutions provider, SiviSoft embraces advanced technologies to deliver solutions that can easily adapt to the rapidly evolving digital eco-system. 





SiviSoft's ServiceDx is a service automation software platform that enables organizations to digitalize their customer services and enhance their customer experience. It is designed and built to empower businesses in IT Alerting, DevOps, Health Care, Manufacturing (Industry 4.0), Facilities Management and other major customer domains.


ServiceDx is an exceptional product, that serves to transform your customer experience with its forefront digitalized software. It is an enterprise conditional monitoring, proactive intelligence messaging and AI Analytics (Descriptive/Predictive/Prescriptive) designed to deliver a healthy impact on your business. Our highly experienced team at SiviSoft makes use of industry's best technologies like IoT, Mobility, Machine Learning and, AI to create efficient and effective capabilities for your business.  


We at SiviSoft, aim to reduce an organization's operational costs and increase its efficiency by leveraging ServiceDx's automated end-to-end service management

Create an effective environment by enhancing and bridging existing systems and processes

Reduce the risk of ambiguity amongst processes by centralising and consolidating the service operations function

SiviSoft takes pride in its team of experts, innovators, and challengers, who are driven by a passion to design and engineer world-class end-to-end experiences for our clients.  One can highly rely on our expertise because: 

Why SiviSoft?

Automation and Intelligence enable organizations to streamline their processes which in turn helps them identify, and resolve issues easier and faster.

We keep it simple and hassle-free

Easiest and fastest resolution

Partnering with SiviSoft is a promising journey that is smooth, clear and distinct. We work with you to understand your needs from the beginning and come up with a co-opted plan for your business.

Substantial growth & development

Our solutions make use of human and machine intelligence to provide better insights into the organization's performance increasing the scope for betterment at every stage. 

Kind words, our clients say!

"Allen Corporation has partnered with SiviSoft for over 15 years. We have had an outstanding experience with SiviSoft's software products and services."

                                      Carlton E. Jeffcoat,

                                            CISSPSenior VP, Cyber Security Division

                                                Allen Corporation of America, Inc.

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