November 2018
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Automation – Accountability – Analytics

Digitizing Services to provide enhanced customer experience

Service Automation Software Platform – Digitizing Services to provide enhanced customer experience.

  • It’s a platform for real time operations empowering teams when seconds or minutes count, by assisting organisations transform signals into opportunities to deliver excellent customer experiences, increase productivity and accelerate innovation

  • It acts as a central nervous system for the digital enterprise, analysing thousands of signals across virtually any data source, streamlining workflows and empowering the team to respond and resolve quickly

  • It offers more than on-call management. our platform can scale for a broad range of use cases or scenarios, fully meeting the needs of the enterprise, gain valuable insights into the team’s performance, the health of the organisation and more.

Some of our customer domains are:

  • IT Alerting

  • Devops

  • ERP

  • Manufacturing

  • Field Services

  • IOT

  • Many more

Product Capability

Sense, Categorize, Analyze, Notify,Respond, Probe

ServiceDx is Service automation software platform which enables an organization to digitize the services they provide to their customers.

The product enables integration with your backend applications consolidates the relevant data. The data is aggregated and then analyzed (Such as deduplication, suppression, user defined rules applied, etc). In the process the product also uses ML abilities to provide recommendation and predicting in automating responses.

      • Automated triggers- kick’s off notifications based on predefined priority thresholds so that you are only notifying when something is actually wrong

      • Scalable management-establish automated responses for priority types to accelerate resolution like starting a conference call for high priority events

      • Intelligent targeting-connect with right team members for any situation based on skill sets, role’s, locations and on-call schedules

      • Automated routing-set priority thresholds and notify relevant team members about issues so that they can kick off the resolution process

      • Actionable responses-whether you need to start a conference bridge or create a service desk ticket, custom actions let you take the necessary steps to resolve on important issues

      • Incident correlation- focus on real problems rather than redundant signals by grasping related alerts into a single managed incident


ServiceDx Impact on your business

Business impact and utility

      • When business imparting issues strike, you have seconds to mobilize a cross-functional response. This ensures you are never caught off guard by collecting data signals from anywhere, interpreting these signals, engaging the right people and accelerating resolution and learning.

      • Utility- it is helpful to unify and really understand things at more of a holistic level across the technology organisation. it quantifies by priority based on the real time business impact of incidents and complete situational awareness. Itget’s to the right on-call person on the issue at the right time with right information. It effectively communicates outages and high-profile events to the internal teams, business partners and senior leadership

ServiceDx decreases operations cost

      • Enhancing and bridging existing systems and processes

      • Centralization and consolidation of the service operations functions

      • Automation of end-to-end service management enabling cost reduction

      • Optimized messaging – decreasing message traffic over network and staff time sorting through non-critical messages

      • Unified methods and systems for performing service management reducing staff training costs and overall resources required to manage the process